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A Brief History of the Parma Bar Association

Initiated through the efforts of attorney Joseph J. Bystricky and its other original founders, the Parma Bar Association was founded on Lincoln’s Birthday, February 12, 1963. There were 65 members, including the following original Trustees and Officers:

A man and woman are looking at papers.

The Association was formed to advance the system of jurisprudence, to assist in, to safeguard and improve the administration of justice, to promote reforms in the law which are for the benefit of the courts, of the legal profession, and of the public, to foster and strengthen the relationships among members of the bar, and between the Parma Municipal Court, the bar of the public generally; to dignify and to enhance the position of the bar and of its members as leaders of the community; as an organization, to participate in civic matters whenever the bar can contribute to the general public welfare; to aid and to stimulate all forms of legal education and to cultivate cordial relations and acquaintance among the members of the bar.

The membership of the Association has increased several times since its inception, and includes Attorneys residing in and/or practicing in the jurisdiction of the Parma Municipal Court.

Past Presidents

2020-2023 Kelly Zacharias
2019-2020 James Kocka
2016-2019 Michael D. Schindler
2014-2015 Anthony J. Amato
2013 Marcia Hurt
2012 Peter S. Kirner
2011 Bert R. Tomon
2010 Gloria R. Homolak
2009 Thomas B. Wilbur
2008 Bruce cichocki
2007 Timothy Degeeter
2006 Ann C.Oakar
2005 Scott M. Tuma
2004 Richard P. Dell'Aquila
2003 David J. Finnerty
2002 Louis G. DeGross
2001 Daniel P. Lang
2000 Gregory A. Chizmar
1999 Edward J. Fink
1998 Timothy A. Boyko
1997 Theodore S. Holtz
1996 Russell J. Glorioso
1995 Richard W. Dunn (2nd term)
1994 David W. Toetz
1993 Peter A. Sackett
1992 Albert G. Schleicher
1991 Lynn W. Leary
1990 Christopher A. Boyko
1989 Robert J. Babcock
1988 Bernice G. Miller
1987 Robert S. Belovich
1986 Donald L. Reiman
1985 Walter P. Bubna
1984 Jerry L. Maynard
1983 Lloyd J. Ramsey
1982 Nicholas E. Phillips
1981 Dennis L. Feola
1980 Kenneth R. Spanagel
1979 Thomas A. Kelly
1978 Paul T. Kirner
1977 Andrew J. Luksco
1976 William S. Derkin
1975 Richard Senn
1974 Jerry L. Foust
1973 Richard W. Dunn
1972 Robert F. Schifko
1971 Joseph F. Ciaston
1970 Burt H. Sagan
1969 Joseph J. Berdis
1968 Robert R. Soltis
1967 James E. Canaris
1966 Harry W. Arnold
1965 Norman W. Shibley
1964 Eugene P. Krent
1963 Paul W. Cassidy