A Message from James E. Kocka

President, Parma Bar Association

Shortly after my term as the newly elected President of the Parma Bar Association
began in 2020, we soon faced many new challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic.
New plans that we intended to implement this year, such as “A Night at the Ballpark with
the Cleveland Indians” and other social events for our Bar Association, have been put on
hold into the unforeseeable future until health concerns presented by COVID-19 no
longer exist. Despite these unavoidable setbacks, the officers and directors of the Parma
Bar Association have been continuing to meet on a regular basis and remain committed to
upholding the strong and rich traditions of the Parma Bar Association, while also
exploring fresh and unique ideas for our membership.

In the coming months, you can look forward to our annual golf outing, which has been
moved to September for the safety of our members, fantastic and informative CLE’s in
the fall, and a wine tasting event. We also hope to inject some freshness into the annual
holiday party by moving to a new location. As we look forward to next calendar year, we
are committed to making the 2021 Founders Night a memorable evening for all who
attend. It is my honor to serve this storied Bar Association and, on behalf of the Parma
Bar Association Officers and Directors, we wish all of our membership an abundance of
health, success and prosperity.